TOP REP Rush is a high Intensity training event designed to dramatically improve sales teams with our TOP REP Sales System. Ramp up your sales skills for the final quarter of the year, and crush your sales goals with TOP REP Rush.

When: August 23 - 24, 2022
Where: Philadelphia


How do you measure up?

Are you a TOP REP or Want to Become a TOP REP?

Do you feel like your sales team can accomplish more than what they are doing now?

What do you think is holding them back?

What would having the best-trained sales team mean for you, or for your sales team?

Chuck Thokey and Jim Johnson have helped hundreds of contractors, just like you, to dramatically improve their sales teams. We have combined our knowledge and experience to create the TOP REP system.

Sharing our proven TOP REP Sales System and providing coaching directly to our clients’ sales teams has helped them to grow tremendously every time. Both of us have trained 100’s of TOP REP’s for our own contracting businesses as well as 1000’s of other high-performing contractors as coaches.

Companies like Garage Kings, ReBath, Window World, Able Roofing, Bath Fitters, AVCO, Atlas Shingles, Beacon Building Products, GAF and Certainteed Corp., and many others all trust us to deliver only the highest quality sales training to their sales reps and contractors!

We consistently help contractors increase their closing percentages by as much as 50% by teaching and coaching the techniques of the TOP REP system, how incentive works, and the psychology of the sale.

We’ve Helped These Amazing Contractors Grow!

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 Who Should Attend TOP REP?

Sales Professionals

What if everyone on your sales team was a “TOP REP”? Imagine what your business could achieve with a professionally trained sales team?! Higher revenues! More profitable jobs! Less marketing expense to get those jobs! Lower turnover and fewer people to manage! Higher closing percentages, better jobs, and a happier team!

Sales Leadership Team

The key to the success of the TOP REP system and coaching is that not only do we teach and drill the process to the point of mastery, but we show how and “WHY” it works. When you share your “why” the TOP REP will continue to improve because they’ll understand what they’re doing, and the intended result. The sale will become more natural, the rep will develop more confidence and the customer will see the logical choice is YOU.

Insurance Restoration Professionals

Bringing in a professional to help with extensive sales training can be very expensive and the results can be short-lived without the proper reinforcement. Other alternatives are industry conferences, but these usually focus on the owner with very little sales training content. Many companies are still setting outdated sales expectations, if any at all. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Management Team

We understand exactly what you’re dealing with because we have been there. Many of our clients come to us with very similar problems. They don’t have a solid sales approach, the expectations they set for their teams are too low, they lack the resources to adequately train their employees, and so on. The result leads to a unsatisfied sales team with a high turnover.

So you have a choice to make:

Remain in your current situation…


Send your rookies and vets and gain that TOP REP team that smashes your goals.

The choice is yours!



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